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I’m dedicated to helping companies design inspiring cultures that increase collaboration, trust and fulfillment, and keep everyone connected to their Why.


I believe those who put purpose at the heart of everything they do and support their people to do the same truly make difference in the world. 

Not only in business – but also in raising the happiness, motivation and fulfilment of everyone around them.

Let's reimagine brands & workplaces for a future of purposeful work!


What I do

I help companies design the right conditions to grow purposefully and thrive in the future.

Designing an unshakeable foundation from the start is critical to drive sustainable growth. Keeping everyone connected to the Why, I support companies in activating, aligning and engaging their workforce to:

  • grow sustainably
  • enhance collaboration, and;
  • overcome other people related challenges

With services ranging from strategic tools to tailormade workshop programs, I help with:


Mapping &

To build, improve and optimize the dynamics of teams & organisations through strategic tools.


Activation & Alignment

To align people to their own and the companies' purpose, mission and values, and integrate in daily practice.



To support in brand development for strenghtening, professionalizing and bringing brands to live.

How? Check out my services and recent work.

﹡ Connecting brands and people in meaningful ways ﹡ Purpose-driven solutions for the next generation brands & workplaces ﹡ A future of purposeful work﹡ Connecting brands and people in meaningful ways ﹡ Purpose-driven solutions for the next generation brands & workplaces ﹡ A future of purposeful work﹡ Connecting brands and people in meaningful ways ﹡ Purpose-driven solutions for the next generation brands & workplaces ﹡ A future of purposeful work

For who

On a mission to connect brands & people in meaningful ways, I help various clients with internal and external branding challenges.




Helping to connect meaningfully & craft a truly purposeful career through self-discovery.




Helping to grow sustainably, enhance collaboration and stay aligned with the why.


Start- &


Helping to design an unshakeable foundation from the start & cultivate a thriving culture.


Branding & HR


Supporting in cases with inspiring brand development in areas of brand strategy, identity & culture.




I'm here to help you in designing the blueprint and setting the cornerstone for an unshakeable foundation that will endure for decades.

01 — Culture Design
(Re)align your team, evaluate the current workplace dynamics and design the right conditions to thrive in the future.
Through Culture Design I assist companies in defining the internal workings of the organisation.

Central in this service is the strategic tool called the 'Culture Design Canvas', through which we'll map and visualise the culture into a clear-cut one paged overview.
Build a strong fundament which drives clarity and alignment on the most important aspects of culture – from purpose to values, rituals to decision-making, and collaboration to psychological safety.
Culture Design is a truly essential approach for any company looking to create, improve and optimize an inspiring culture, and future-proof their company.

Curious to what Culture Design can do for you? Discover why it's important, if it relevant for your company, the process and more.
02 — Tailormade Workshop Programs
By only mapping and designing a culture on paper it doesn't just spring to life. We need more than this.
To build, improve or optimize a culture it's crucial to engage people in the process. 
I help companies in developing workshop programs that share and activate people into translating the culture aspects in daily practice.
With various tools and solutions to assist, there is no one-size fits all approach for truly effective implementation.
Since every company and situation is different, the approach will be as well.
Taking into account different factors – from the people involved and the nature of the business, to the underlying brand strategy and more – I customize all efforts for these services.
Interested to explore how tailormade workshops can help activate your people? Let's meet!

In the meanwhile, check out my recent work for examples.
03 — Workshops & Teambuilding
Looking to boost the trust, motivation, and fulfillment in your team?
I offer a range of workshops to discover, activate, and inspire your team by:
  • Uncovering your company, department, or team's purpose.
  • Activating your employees in alignment with this purpose.
  • Providing them the opportunity to find their own "Why."
These workshops are a valuable addition to company trips and team-building activities, whether as one-off inspiration sessions or customized series.
Based in theories like 'Start with Why' by Simon Sinek, they aim to foster deeper connections, enhance team collaboration, and promote alignment between personal and company purpose, mission, and values.
Want to explore the options to give your team a boost? Get in touch! And get inspired by my recent work.
04 — Find Your Why Programs
Looking to discover your "Why" and unlock its potential for personal, team, and organizational growth?
I facilitate a range of 'Find Your Why' tailored workshops and trainings designed to:
  • Uncover the deeper purpose driving individuals and teams.
  • Activate this purpose to drive motivation and fulfillment.
  • Foster alignment between personal and organizational objectives.
In various forms, I assist personal discovery in a 1-on-1 coaching program, personal discovery in a group training, and workshops for team and organizational discovery.
Aimed at providing personal clarity, stronger team dynamics, or a more purpose-driven organization.

In need for clarity, direction and a sense of purpose? Shoot me a message and let's discuss how the individual or group programs can help you grow purposefully. No strings attached.
05 — Other Branding Solutions
Through my experience as creative marketeer, concept developer and creative producer, I assist in brand development aimed to strengthen, professionalize, and grow purposefully.
Growing brands encounter distinct needs and challenges at every stage of their journey.
As your adaptable branding partner, I'm guiding and advising owners and managers as they grow, and help you in consistently conveying, expanding, and breathing life into your brand.
Some examples include:
  • Conducting brand scans (to gain insight into the current situation and identify opportunities for further development).
  • Coordinating and developing brand books (to define and secure the brand strategy).
  • Creating brand guidelines and employee handbooks (to develop and secure the brand identity).
  • Advising and ensuring the consistency of communication materials (to maintain a uniform brand experience in all interactions).
  • Employing other flexible brand management methods (to oversee, optimize, and evolve a consistent brand experience).
Need someone in guiding or deciding what will bring your brand to the next level? Or someone to coordinate a (re)branding campaign. Hit me up!

I'm curious to hear your goals and ambitions, and excited to show you how branding will help advance your brand's mission.

Recent Work

15+ Merktrajecten | 25+ Coachingstrajecten | 50+ Workshops
5+ Jaarrond Workshop Partnerships | 250+ Deelnemers

Why culture & purpose

I truly believe that in the 21st century inspiring cultures are essential for both a company's success and the happiness, motivation and fulfilment of its people.

The fusion of purpose and culture forms a solid foundation for sustainable growth and supports exactly that.

As companies grow, it's crucial to create the right conditions to thrive from the start, and maintain alignment with the company's core essence throughout.

For me this is translated in crafting inspiring cultures that activate and  connect people through a shared purpose. Resulting in:


Loyal relationships
with clients & partners


motivated & fulfilled employees


A positive,
inspired & trusted workplace


Boost in productivity,
innovation & growth



Proud jack-of-all-trades with a degree in international communication management, and certifications in Culture Design and TMA talent development.

Further bringing to the mix wide ranging experiences as marketing creative, concept developer, creative producer, HR-consultant and workshop facilitator.

   📍 Rotterdam
   👤 Branding, marketing & HR
   🧭 Authenticity, optimism & curiosity
   🤌 Cortado, design & deep talks
   👟 Soccer, padel & surfing

Why do I care?

Having experienced first hand working at a fast-growing company that lost touch with why it started, I'm dedicated to helping others prevent and overcome similar experiences.

Through discovering the power of starting with 'Why' and its ability to connect with others, and this previous experience, I'm committed to the idea no one should endure a negative, low-trust and undervalued culture.

My most powerful tool

The most powerful tool in my arsenal are asking questions. Asking the right questions.

Firstly in helping define issues. Secondly in solving them by using creativity, strategy & human-centred approach.

Leveraging on my skills in communication & design, I translate the intangible aspects of what makes up a brand in word and image.

The start of an inspiring adventure

Whether you focus on one person or an entire movement, want to improve the world or even succeeding generations. Inspire your customers, partners and employees and make a difference. Let's go!

Want to discover what inspiring can do for your brand? Leave your details below and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.




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